The Paragon Test

Physical Axis
Your body and actions
Considered facially attractive1
Regular exercise1
Healthy weight for age/height1
Consistently healthy diet1
Age/height/weight are not a problem when socializing/dating1
No significant physical abnormalities1
Good hairstyle (or if shaved/bald, it suits you)1
Good posture1
Healthy body (no pain, not in treatment)1
Pleasant tone of voice1
Good hygiene habits1
Always presentable in public (proper clothes, tidy hair, perfume, etc)1
Comfortable with genitals (look, size, smell)1
No tics or unpleasant habits (e.g. biting nails)1
No addictions (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn)1
Mental Axis
Mental health and thoughts
Feels happy often1
Feels loved by others1
Truly loves someone else1
Loves themselves1
No highly questionable sexual fantasies1
Rarely feels lonely1
Not sexually frustrated1
No significant mental disorders or autism1
Has a sense of direction or purpose in life1
Feels in control of their life1
Wakes up every day feeling content or motivated1
Has no regrets1
No sudden, wild mood changes1
Rarely anxious or depressed1
Healthy quantity and quality of sleep1
Social Axis
Social circle and interactions
Lifestyle Axis
Daily life and accomplishments
Rarely eats alone1
Room is tidy and presentable1
Financially independent1
Healthy romantic and sexual life1
Regularly spends quality time with loved ones1
Doesn't engage in escapism by daydreaming, gaming, etc1
Rarely feels bored, always has ideas or projects1
Expects life to improve in the forseeable future1
Enjoys productive crafts like cooking, sewing, painting, etc1
Passionate about a hobby or project1
Regularly leaves the house (ignoring groceries, school, work)1
Has a fulfilling job, enjoyable career, or bright future1
Regularly tries to learn new things1
Has a desirable life1
Knows a skill many don't, like playing a musical instrument1
Maturity Axis
Emotional and intellectual growth
Open-minded, inquisitive about novel ideas1
Fulfills responsibilities1
Bases beliefs on evidence rather than faith, tradition, or dogma1
Able to listen to someone vent without interrupting or judging1
Doesn't procrastinate1
Admits own fault to others when making a mistake1
Healthy view of people regardless of race, sex, or political views1
Always keeps promises1
Trustworthy with information shared in confidence1
Can take care of themselves1
Punctual with appointments1
Tolerant of beliefs that go against their own1
Resolves conflict without mocking, shouting, or violence1
Empathetic, can put themselves in someone else's shoes1
Listens to both sides of an argument before forming an opinion1
Moral Axis
Morality and virtue
Has an internal moral compass dictating right and wrong1
Cares about how their decisions affect others1
Makes a conscious effort not to lie1
Feels remorse/guilt/sadness when doing something wrong1
Loyal; wouldn't cheat, backstab, or abandon1
Respectful and polite with others1
Doesn't manipulate others for personal gain1
Engages in altruism every so often1
Never significantly abused or bullied others1
Doesn't hate others for their sex, race, or beliefs1
Clean conscience1
Wouldn't harm others if the law didn't apply for a day1
Has never been in a fight, or has only been forced into them1
Doesn't believe they are superior to others1
Hasn't done something others would be horrified to find out about1
Luck Axis
Luck and circumstances
Feels like a lucky person1
Has good genes1
Born into a rich family1
Happy childhood1
No serious lasting period of misfortune in life1
Cultivated lasting friendships1
Constantly presented with new opportunities1
Has dreams that are achievable1
Healthy family life1
Confident in own beliefs and ideals1
Has fond memories1
No major fears or worries1
No major enemies or grudges1
Positive outlook on life1
Every new day brings joy1


Physical((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Mental((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Social((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Lifestyle((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Maturity((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Moral((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)
Luck((Needs JS)/15) (Needs JS)


0 - 3: Eyesore
4 - 7: Unappealing
8 - 11: Presentable
12 - 15: Aesthetic
0-3: Broken
4-7: Damaged
8-11: Neurotypical
12-15: Healthy
0-3: Robot
4-7: Loner
8-11: Warm
12-15: Lovable
0-3: Outcast
4-7: Mediocre
8-11: Active
12-15: Fulfilled
0-3: Child-like
4-7: Juvenile
8-11: Reasonable
12-15: Mature
0-3: Corrupt
4-7: Biased
8-11: Fair
12-15: Wise
0-3: Cursed
4-7: Burdened
8-11: Favored
12-15: Blessed